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My name is Charles Durning, and Peacetalk

is my Edinburgh-based counselling practice.

I hope the name 'Peacetalk' suggests something of

the feel, and the focus of my practice - that I offer

a calm and accepting space for the resolution of

difficulty through the simple medium of talking,

and the understanding that arises from that.

It is my firm belief, grounded both in personal experience, and in my practice as a counsellor, that

we each carry within us all that we need to live lives which are satisfying to us - but that we may at

times need help to recognise and to utilize this capacity; especially if our connection to it has

been compromised - either through life experience or circumstance. 

Sometimes conversations with close friends

can be enough. But when difficulty is deep or

understanding scarce (and self-belief possibly

fragile), then counselling can offer a special kind

of conversation: one dedicated to the deepening

of understanding and to the mobilisation of our

inner resources - and so to the dissolution of

barriers to growth and fulfillment.


These barriers can feel insurmountable - especially when we are under stress, maybe facing new

challenges, or simply worn down by familiar ones. At such times the support offered by

counselling can help us to engage our innate ability not just to cope, but to thrive - to find life.


counselling can help you

to hear your inner voice

- and trust what it

is saying

My aim as a Person-Centred counsellor is to nurture my client's own understanding

of themselves and their circumstances - and empower them to act from this position of


I have found this approach to be highly effective with clients experiencing many kinds of

difficulty, including:

anxiety, depression, panic attacks, loss of direction, grief and bereavement,

childhood trauma, low self-esteem, eating problems and relationship issues.

My familiarity with the landscape, and the

trajectory of self-recovery, comes from over 20

years experience in personal growth and support

work - including body work (Chi Gong) and

meditation - alongside my formal counselling

training and practice.

Consequently as well as insight, I am able to

offer my clients relaxation and mindfulness

techniques - particularly beneficial to those

experiencing stress, anxiety or depression.


I hope that the pages of this website give sufficient

idea of my practice for you to sense whether it

might be helpful to you.

If you feel that it might, then please contact me to

arrange an introductory session.

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