Peacetalk Counselling



          "The organism, in its normal state, moves toward its own fulfillment"

  This profound and far-reaching insight arose from

  Rogers'  observation of nature. 

  There he saw that every living thing instinctively  


  grows towards the realisation of its inborn potential


  be it "a flower or an oak tree, an earthworm or a bird".


  And he recognised that in human beings, this 

  growthful principle can be relied upon in the 

  psychological realm too:

        "each human being has a directional tendency toward wholeness, toward

                                 actualisation of his or her potentialities"                                                                   

This actualising tendency can become blocked - but it cannot be destroyed. No matter what the 

trauma or twisting, this growthful potential remains - and will emerge naturally, as the 

impediments to its action are recognised and removed.



This growthful principle is the source of my trust in each of my clients to know what it is 

 that hurts, and in which direction they need to move - if only they are given the opportunity,


and the support, necessary for them to find it.


   This opportunity, and support, is what I offer my clients.